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Prospective Ph.D. Student

Hello, I’m Yilin

I am a second-year MSc student supervised by Prof. Bertram Ludäscher and Prof. Matthew J Turk in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
My research focus is broadly Human-Centered Data Science, focusing on the application of techniques from Visualization, Data Management, and Human-Computer Interaction to help people better understand and utilize data while ensuring transparency and reproducibility of their work
Previous projects can be found here! Please take a look at my Resume and let's do something fun !
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Recent News

Aug 24, 2019    Presented a poster "Provenance and Workflow in the Sciences: Looking at a Real-World Example" at 2019 DataONE AHM.

May 22, 2019    Excited to be joining CIRSS and working with Prof. Bertram Ludäscher!

Sep 01, 2018    Started a new dream-chasing journey in UIUC. My mentor for the coming semester is Prof. Matthew J Turk.

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