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Provenance and Reproducibility in the Sciences      

2019 Summer - Present

Figuring out how provenance is used in academia can help understand why experts use it and what can be done to improve current tools to better serve the scientific community.

—— Presented a poster "Provenance and Workflow in the Sciences - Looking at a Real-World Example" at 2019 DataONE AHM.
—— Currently cooperating with Kristian Peters from IPB-Halle to reproduce their Nature Paper Learn More ⟶

Blockly Application in yt      

2018 Fall - Present

Blockly is a popular "visual programming" language. We conducted this research aiming to create customized blocks to analyze and visualize data with yt project. Ultimately, the final output will be a new platform using Google blockly and the code behind it to help people process data much easier.

—— This project has been under construction for about 1 year and is still in progress Learn More ⟶

GP e-Platform Improvement    

2018 Sping & Summer

During the data maintenance internship in Airbus General Procurement, I made several improvements to the currently used e-Platforms including Airbus Global GP Hub, GP Order Database, and Travel APP Demo.

—— Received a limited edition of the Airbus Beluga Model and had a great Farewell
—— Many thanks to Airbus Procurement Group Due to the confidentiality agreement, no more detailed information can be shared


2016 Summer & Fall

Bit-Remit is an instant-international remittance platform based on bitcoin. This project is committed to creating a platform based on real time global remittance of bitcoin, dedicated to providing low-cost, fast, safe and efficient international remittance services.

—— Won the National 3rd Prize in 2016 Citi Financial Innovation Application Competition with $1,500
—— Won the National 3rd prize of 2017 Hangzhou College Student Entrepreneur Competition with Entrepreneurship Funding $28,500 Learn More ⟶

Investor Sentiment and Stock Price      

2016 Sping

Research on the Correlation between Investor Confidence and Stock Price from the Perspective of Behavioral Finance — Based on the empirical analysis of China's A-share market from 2007 to 2015

—— Sponsored by SWUFE Office of Undergraduate Research
—— Won the SWUFE scholarships for undergraduate research Read PDF Document ⟶